Why Us

The digital age is quickly shaping education and the way students choose to learn and retain knowledge. We at HomeClass have embraced this digital transformation and believe that our new learning resources can guarantee a bright education system in Nigeria 100% FREE of cost.

47+ Employed Teachers
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About Us

HomeClass is an organisation that leverages on professional teachers, media and technology to create high-quality, accessible and 100% FREE education for Nigerian students. Our learning content is planned, executed and reviewed by experts - using videos, relevant images, quizzes and exams. HomeClass offers students in Nursery, Primary and Secondary classes holistic learning experience in all subjects. We are creating a platform to revolutionise the way students learn and study for their exams in preparation for higher education and what comes after. We encourage them to embrace the learning evolution that comes with the current digital age. Parents or guardians should thus be willing to invest in this approach to help their children get ahead in school.

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