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Some of our curriculum relevant subjects

Secondary Students: Mathematics, English Studies, Commerce, Physics, Government, Chemistry, Biology, Basic Science, Civic Education, Yoruba, Economics.
Primary Students: Mathematics, English Studies, Sciences (Basic, Agric & Health), Civic Education, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning.
Nursery Pupils: Number Works, Letter Works, Social Habit & Rhymes/Songs.



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All lessons are arranged based on the approved scheme of work to cover the national syllabus, so students can learn what’s important.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I enjoyed learning on HomeClass website right from the day my Dad registered for me few weeks back. Thanks
Ahmed Shehugu
From Abuja, Basic 4
I never expected to see Nursery class on the platform. Subscribed for my daughter, am excited to be a member.
Sasha Adunni
From Delta, Nursery 2
Fascinated by the media method applied by one of the teachers on HomeClass. Learning simplified for me.
Frank Uche
From Rivers, SS 3
Hurry, similar to what we learnt in school. My sister is looking forward to getting more subjects to claim the free 2GB data for me.
Zinab Abubakar
From Lagos, JS 2